Terms of sales

1- Roadbook content:

  • Personalised cover with the name of the clients, travel date and your logo (possibility of using your brochure cover as the roadbook cover)
  • broken down by states/provinces or regions (based on availability)
  • Overall map of the entire route taken during the trip
  • Daily map of each travel segment, featuring recommended route to take, routing on how to get to each booked hotel, with description and photo of each hotel
  • Littlebig Road is committed to contacting tourist offices and/or their representation offices in Europe to obtain road maps and appropriate tourism brochures. Based upon the available supply in our office, we will send this documentation along with your roadbook orders.

2- Your marketing components:

  • Several pages of the roadbook are customisable. These include the cover, the front-inside cover and the back cover. We will integrate your components at no additional cost (such as using your brochure cover as the roadbook cover or by creating from scratch a unique roadbook cover for your company’s roadbooks). To do this, send us your components/information in the following format:
    • File Types: In Design, Illustrator, Photoshop for PC.
    • Images: Tiff or Jpg.
    • Overall page size: 160 x 250 mm (portrait format). If the page background is coloured, or if certain graphic elements are cut, provide at least 3 mm of bleed.
    • The ideal format for us is to receive a set image from you, allowing for sufficient and clear space for us to be able to insert the names of the clients and their dates of travel.
    • Send us your visual(s) by email or if the files are too heavy, send them to us by online file transfer.

3. Destinations covered for Fly-drives

  • USA, all regions including Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Canada, all regions with the exception of Northwest Territories and Nunavut.
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • And all other destinations if you send us the clients detailed, daily programme in Word format. No need to add maps or personal photos.

4. Destinations covered for escorted tours

  • All destinations

5. Orders:

Orders must be placed via our website at www.littlebigroad.com. We will provide you with a login and password so you can place and manage your roadbook orders. Placing orders is very easy to do via drop-down menus on the order form. This process ensures reliable processing of each order.

6. Order/Production/Delivery time:

  • Littlebig Road reserves the right to accept or not accept last-minute orders. Upon acceptance, last-minute orders are subject to an additional charge known as a late fee.
    • The standard delivery time between placing an order and receiving the roadbook in your office is 15 days. The standard cost for shipping 1 or 2 roadbooks is €10 excluding VAT. The cost for bulk shipment of 3 roadbooks or more is €3 (excluding VAT) per roadbook.
    • The fee for last-minute orders received 4 to 15 days before the delivery date is €20 excluding VAT.
    • The fee for urgent orders received within 72 hours before the delivery date is €30 excluding VAT.
    • Upon your request for urgent delivery, Littlebig Road uses express delivery service providers such as Chronopost, DPD, FedEx or DHL. We will advise you of the cost for your approval.
    • Cancellation fee before printing the roadbook: no charge.
    • Cancellation fee after the roadbook has been printed: 100% of the roadbook cost.