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Littlebig Road is the leader in the creation and production of personalised roadbooks for customers of major tour operators and travel agencies in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg as well as incoming receptive tour operators in the United States and Canada.

The Dream team

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Arnaud Vérin

Associate Director 

After completing his training and education in tourism sales and production, Arnaud began his career with a French tour operator. With this experience under his belt and a passion for travel, he embarked on the adventure of creating his own travel-related company in 2001. Arnaud is known for his joie de vivre that inspires a special team spirit among his staff members. His abundance of ideas has helped the company continue to evolve and offer new and innovative products. Would you like to receive a pricing proposal? Do you have an administrative question or a question about payments? Arnaud is your man. You will likely meet him at a major European tourism show unless you come across him during a ride in the hills of Montana, or on a Harley in Sturgis.

François Massiani

Associate Director 

François left a carrier in advertising in 2001 to join his childhood friend Arnaud, to help create Littlebig Road. François’ expertise in advertising naturally led him to be in charge of the company’s graphic design and destination content. He also creates the distinctive maps we use in our roadbooks. In addition to all of this, François serves as our in-house IT expert, and your contact for all technical questions. François combines his passion for photography, music and surfing with his travels. He has even been known to travel across the Atlantic to attend a concert of one of his favorite groups! Thanks to his numerous trips across the United States and Canada, he knows the continent like the back of his hand. And many of the photos taken during his trips appear in our roadbooks.

Carolane Oberlaender

Production Account Manager, France

Carolane has been with Littlebig Road since its creation, first as an executive assistant, and then quickly transitioned into working on the production of the roadbooks. With her extensive knowledge of the company’s activities, she supervises all stages of the production to ensure that each roadbook is produced in an accurate and timely manner. This means that Carolane is a very important contact person for you. Having returned from South Africa, she is already dreaming of her next big trip to Australia and New Zealand!

Claire Gay

Production Account Manager for Europe

For many years, Claire planned, organized and escorted in-house corporate and incentive trips for several large companies. She joined Littlebig Road in 2013 and is in charge of working with our international clients. She responds to special requests from our clients, and thanks to her attention to detail and her keen eye, she ensures that each roadbook is correctly produced. Her previous business trips have led her to exotic destinations such as Mexico, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Réunion Island and the French Antilles. Nowadays, she sets off to discover the historic and beautiful capital cities of Europe with her family.

Aurélie Rodriguez

Production Account Manager, North America

At an early age, Aurélie fell in love with the world of travel and adventure while participating in the children’s summer camp programs organized by Air France. Since then, she has continued to travel the globe in search of new adventures. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in tourism, she soon joined a major French tour operator where she specialized in sales and the creation of tours to the United States. After several years working, during which she gained experience and expanded her circle of professional contacts, Aurélie joined the Littlebig Road team in 2017. Since then, she has been helping to further increase the company’s strong growth in the North American market. Hard working, enthusiastic and bursting with energy, Aurélie brings her own personal touch and expertise to the production of our roadbooks.

Anett Mansion

Translator and Production Assistant 

Originally from Germany, Anett joined the team in 2015 to assist in the development of our product line in the German-speaking market. Perfectly trilingual (German, French and English), she is in charge of translations and also works in the production of our roadbooks. At the end of her studies, Anett received her diploma in tourism and hotel management. She then worked for a long time in the hotel industry, notably in Namibia and South Africa, before settling in the south of France in 2005. An avid traveler, she has crisscrossed Europe and participated in numerous volunteer projects in Japan and Estonia. Today she is using her experience to excel in her work at Littlebig Road.

Philip Chryst

Director of International Sales

Philip’s carrier in the tourism industry spans many years. The knowledge he has gained through his experience has increased his keen sense of tourism marketing, as well as expanded his network of contacts in the industry. Feel free to contact Philip in any of the seven languages he speaks including English (his native language), French, German, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish and Italian. He is now studying his latest language, Croatian. A world traveler, Philip, has lived on three continents and has visited all of them (except for Antarctica)! He enjoys cooking traditional dishes as well as experimenting with unique combinations of ingredients to create new and delicious flavours. Cuisine à la Philip!

Littlebig Road has received various industry awards in recognition of their innovative travel products.

In the past 20 years, Littlebig Road has become the industry leader in producing personalised roadbooks. As part of its national and international sales and marketing efforts, the company exhibits at international travel exhibitions such as World Travel Market (WTM) in London, ITB in Berlin and IFTM Top Résa in Paris.