Roadbook fly-drive

For 100% personalised Fly-drive programmes and road trips in the United States and Canada!

Each roadbook (hard copy version) is 100% personalised with:

Names of your clients, daily travel maps; location of reserved hotels; tourism information for things to see and do along the way; practical travel information/tips and blank pages to write personal notes. Nothing is left out!

When using the roadbook, your clients will see your company logo and branding. This is an excellent tool for you to keep and maintain customer loyalty.

Destinations covered by the roadbook 

United States




New Zealand


Available in the following languages:

For travel to the United States and/or Canada :

French, English, German, Dutch

For travel to Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Cuba

French only

Roadbook content 100% personalised

Features your logo and branding

Keep-sake of the wonderful trip

Sample roadbooks

Western United States (French version)

Western Canada (English version)