Privacy Policy

At Littlebig Road, we want to build a relationship of trust. Thus, we want to protect your data, whether you are a customer or a visitor to our website. This means that you have the possibility to delete or modify your data whenever you wish. You also decide what information you want to receive from us. Finally, you can be assured your data is stored using a secure system.

This privacy policy informs you about the conditions of use and protection of your personal data. This privacy policy applies to:

  • your website usage data from the website:
  • all the data that you send us with your consent to receive information from us by e-mail

How is your information used?

In the chart below, you will find why and how we use the information details requested from you for the various forms on our website.

First and last nameThis information is important since it allows us to identify you when your first and last name is not in your email address.
CompanyThe name of the company allows us to identify the company with which you are affiliated. Some email addresses are not linked to the domain name of the company website, which can sometimes make it difficult for us to correspond with you.
EmailYour email address is used to be able to contact you.
TelephoneYour telephone number is used to get in touch with you directly. This field is optional.
WebsiteYour website allows us to develop a more precise plan in order to provide you with suitable offers and services. This field is optional.
MessageYour message allows us to better understand what you want and allows us to better serve your needs.

Data sharing

The information you provide to us belongs to you. It will never be sold to third parties. The collection and storage of your information is only used in the context of privileged communication with you.

Modify or delete your information

  • We provide you with the ability to modify or delete your personal data at any time.
  • To modify your personal information, please contact us via our online form.
  • To delete all of your personal information and no longer receive e-mail communication from us, please contact us through our online form.
  • If you do not remember the email address registered in our database, please contact us using our online form.

Data retention period of time

Your personal information is kept by Littlebig Road for an unlimited period of time.

Additionally, your cookies are kept for an unlimited period of time.


By definition, a cookie is a file created and placed by the browser on your computer when you visit websites. This file contains information that allows us to identify your visitation history on our site.

We use this data to define the pages you have visited, the searches you have performed, and the origin of our audience (search engine or direct access) through the Google Analytics application. We analyse this data only for the purpose of improving our website to facilitate your navigation for future visits to our site.

Contact us

Do you have questions about the protection of your data, or would you like to have access to the personal data that you have provided to us?

Get in touch with us by clicking on the button Contact us.