Digital roadbook

For an even more dynamic and cutting-edge travel experience: the Digital Roadbook is here!

You asked us for this, and we listened!

A completely personalised roadbook app for smartphone – practical and easy to use.

Our newly designed app for smartphone features the digital roadbook offering travellers with up-to-date information in the palm of their hand, including daily maps; highlighting both the quickest route as well as the more scenic route; hotel locations; and access to tourism sights along the way (as well as millions of points of interest worldwide). Our roadbook app is revolutionary in the world of tourism apps.

When your clients use the roadbook app, they will see your logo and branding throughout the app. In addition, we have created an API (application programming interface) allowing your reservation system to connect directly to our back-office roadbook generation system reducing the staff time necessary to place the orders.

An innovative smartphone application

100% personalised 

The entire trip in the palm of your hand

Digital Roadbook by Littlebig Road

Dynamic maps for each travel segment, noting all the points of interest.

Access to thousands of points of interest.

Geolocation of all hotels.