• Littlebig Road edits and produces personalized road-books tailor-made for tour operators’ clients for trips to the USA or Canada (other destinations will be added in the future). Road-books are completely personalized and printed one at the time with the clients’ name and travel dates.

    Each road-book will be sent with the appropriate regional road maps, depending upon availability. And each road-book contains:
    Tour operator or agency branding on the cover page and back page.
    Several pages of information on the destinations to include what to see and do.
    High-definition detailed map and directions for the daily itinerary and routing.
    Geolocalization of each overnight hotel with 2 maps.
    Additional pages for the traveler to write notes or attach photos.


    • All road-books are available in electronic format thanks to the QR code printed in the road-book.
    • Road-books have been enhanced with detailed texts with accompanying maps on things to see and do in major cities and national parks.
    • All the maps in the road-books have been improved and completely redesigned to show more details.