• Completely personalized

    Each road-book is custom-made.

    A true souvenir to be kept and shown to others, the road book is a unique object representing an exceptional time.


    • - Client names and travel dates
    • - High resolution maps of each daily itinerary
    • - Geolocalization of each reserved hotel with 2 maps

    3 types of road-books to meet your needs:

    • - Road-books for fly-drive packages and tailor-made trips
    • - Road-books for escorted tours
    • - Road-books for other types of travel
  • You appear as the editor of the road-book thanks to the cover, which can be that of your brochure or website, or a specially created cover within which your logo will be emphasized.

    The road-book becomes an important element in in what you offer to your travel agency network, as you will be adding value to the travelers’ experience through the road-book.

    You can adapt the product as you wish: adding pages, contact details for your representatives in the U.S. or Canada and other information...

    The road-book is given to your customers before they depart.

    A long term vision: a true souvenir, the road-book is kept and shown to family and friends. Your customers remain loyal and become promoters of your very own services.

  • Each road-book is unique.

    Edited with the names of your clients and their travel dates, it shows the exact route that will be taken at each step of the itinerary, description of the reserved hotels along with 2 maps showing the geolocalization of each hotel.

    A real aid during the journey, in addition, each road-book contains high-resolution maps of the regions visited.

    The road-book is used before, during and after the journey (preparation, noting of anecdotes and various information, scrapbook for souvenir tickets and photos…) The road-book becomes a souvenir book of a unique moment to present to family and friends during photo evenings.